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About Us


About Us:

Started back in 2011, we intend to provide users the best way to get information about Movies and TV shows. We are focussing on reporting news related to the production status of films and shows. We track down almost every film and show from Hollywood and International cinema from their development to their release.

Midgard Times is now serving over 1500 users each day with fresh news stories from Hollywood, Television (English, Spanish & Many Other Languages), Gaming (PC & Mobile), Technology (only related with films, tv & gaming). The articles present on the website and the news we report are very exclusive and may not be available on any other news website.

We intend to provide accurate news collected from various sources, which also include social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We mention the news source wherever required.
Any story, article, and opinion published here belongs to the editors of MoviesR.net. You can find the name of the publisher on that very same article/post.

We are always looking for movie and tv writers who can share in our mission to provide entertainment related information. If that’s you, send your articles/fan theories to our email address: [email protected]

If you want to visit or reach out to us below is our address:

MoviesR Network ltd.
47, Munnekolala, Marathalli Village
Bangalore - 560037

Note from the Founder:

The main idea behind creating this website was to report the news and information, which should not be ignored. Our quality articles provide information that might not be available on any other news websites. We provide the best available information in a very simplistic way, and that's why I developed this website with the minimum possible ads and a simple template that lets the users read in any device easily. I hope when you come and visit our site, you do like it or provide your feedback so that we can improve it for better use. Also, do follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

By: Roshan Kumar

Roshan Kumar (Bradley) - India
Founder & Writer
Roshan is a Movie/TV Geek, web developer, designer, and lifelong quick learner. With more than ten years of experience in the field of web development and designing and also encoding videos and movies. Started his Journey back in Year Oct 2009 at the age of 15 and a year later, came up with MOVIESR.NET, one of the most successful websites whose rank was in the top 100k websites of the world in 2011-12 and was in the top 10k in India. But due to financial reasons, he temporarily closed down MoviesR.net in 2016 and later make a comeback at the start of 2020. Roshan currently manages moviesr.net and regularly adds/updates the latest news stories from the world of entertainment. He uses "Bradley" as a username to create and post news stories on MOVIESR.NET.

Aalaya Sonti - India
Movie Critic (Intern)
Aalaya Sonti is an intern at Midgard Times. She is also a cinephile, bookworm and writer. She is a literature student currently in her final year and she believes in learning new skills that add to her profile. She has a personal blog in which she writes about movies and books, lifestyle and about mental health. She wants her voice to reach out to as many as possible and also learn how to grow in her professional career and started as an intern at Midgard Times in 2022.

Ritika Kispotta - India (April 2021 - June 2021)
Movie Critic & Writer (Intern)
Ritika is a movie critic and intern editor at MOVIESR.NET. She is also a fitness & fashion enthusiast, hairstylist, and cinephile. She is currently a senior in college and believes in updating her professional skills and adding new skill sets. She transformed her favorite pastime into a professional career and started as an Intern under at MOVIESR.NET in 2021. You can read her articles and reviews on the latest movies/TV series which are published everyday.

Tobias Elmore - USA
Movie Critic (part-time)
Tobias Elmore is an actor and producer, known for his work in Time Gone (2019), Hurt (2014) and Stiff (2015). He currently runs his youtube channel and write movie/tv reviews on his facebook page "The Would-Be Filmmaker" Tobias has written few reviews here and its available to read on moviesr.net along with his facebook page. He makes time out of his busy schedule to watch films and series and then review the titles in most elegant way.

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